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A Little Bit of Sparkle, but Not Too Much

For my birthday celebration with friends the year at Ouzo Bay in the River Oaks District, I wanted a little bit of sparkle, but not too much. I started the look by pairing a sequined skirt with a simple silk blouse underneath a leather jacket in neutral tones, keeping accessories to a minimum with light makeup and muted lip color. The skirt and leather jacket, I picked up separately on my last trip to Buenos Aires. I love finding items that come together naturally.

This Reiss silk shirt is from a couple of seasons ago, but found similar options here and here. The pencil skirt comes in form-hugging, stretch material… so good for the figure, not to mention the pocketbook. Add a simple solid pattern silk blouse and leather biker jacket in complimentary neutral color for a mix of sophistication and simplicity. Similar jacket option available here, or email to get a hold of exactly like this.

Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy Monogram from I love this classic in the nano size and how it works well with the shoes. The J.Crew shoes in suede are a classic staple from the brand and very comfortable for tall heights (not too high, not too low). They have a straight line in the front that make the feet look elegant, thin and give you confidence when stepping forward. Available here for 30% off.

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